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Breast cancer is a major killer disease. In 2010, it’s documented that 39,840 females and 390 males were killed by this illness.

The surgeon, Soon-Shiong who co-developed the most popular drug Abraxane (an injectable formulation of paclitaxel wherein it is bound to albumin) is found amongst Forbes 400 list of billionaires. Paclitaxel was isolated from the bark of pacific yew tree. Monroe E. Wall and Mansukh C. Wani isolated the drug from the bark.

Is Green Tea good for health?

This shouldn’t be surprising since people who spend a lot of time together share meals and snacks, and if one friend adopts a healthy eating style, the other is more likely to follow suit. Friends also share activities and a physically active friend can be a great source of motivation.

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Don’t give up your old friends. Live healthier, and inspire them to do the same. In this way, everyone wins.

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Possibility of Side effects of Bitter melon

Similarly, in a study on the effects of bitter melon extract on human breast cancer cells, researchers at Saint Louis University found a significant decrease in cell growth and a reversal of the cancer process. They suggested it’s potential use as a dietary supplement for breast cancer