Beautiful Girls HD Wallpapers (2)Writing for pleasure, he began his website with one humble article and progressed to writing many more. He worked as a senior resident in clinical chemistry section of laboratory medicine at Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya Hospital, New Delhi, while at the same time advanced his website mission to gain societal involvement in reaching out to the public.He immigrated to USA in 2010. He currently manages Interesting Health Facts dot com as the chief medical editor.

Overtime, several other medical writers at various levels of education have contributed articles and hopefully, would continue to do so .

Another medical writer, promoted as the co-editor of this website in 2009, is Shahidah Parveen. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and is currently working as a data analyst at a reputable, academic US hospital. She aspires to bring science to the forefront by specializing in cardiology related pieces, social health updates, and strangely fascinating health facts.